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Common Risks Hotel Guests Face

Common Risks Hotel Guests Face

Hotels offer respite and shelter for exhausted travelers, but as public gathering places, they’re not without their fair share of risks. Knowing the most common of these can help you avoid an unpleasant stay, financial damages, or a trip to the hospital. However, no amount of preparation can keep you completely safe, so being aware of what to do if you’re hurt in a hotel is a good policy for savvy tourists to have. Hotel Risks and How to Avoid Them Most [...]

What To Do If You’re Hurt in a Las Vegas Hotel

What to Do if You Are Hurt in a Las Vegas Hotel

Millions of people flock to Las Vegas yearly for tourism and travel, and most stay in local hotels during their trip. The last thing you expect after a long day of enjoyment is to suffer an unexpected injury due to unsafe premises and negligent hotel management. Unfortunately, these things happen on a regular basis. If you’re hurt in a Las Vegas hotel property accident, you should know how to proceed. See a Doctor and Gather Evidence Your safety and well being [...]

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