SUVs Pose High-Risk of Rollover Accidents in Las Vegas

SUVs Pose High-Risk of Rollover Accidents in Las Vegas

SUVs are a popular vehicle choice for many reasons. These larger automobiles offer style, comfort, and more space. The space aspect makes SUVs, along with vans, a well-liked choice for families. In 2020, the favorite SUV in the United States was the Toyota RAV4 followed by the Honda CR-V. While there are several benefits to owning an SUV, there is also an increased risk for a rollover incident to occur.

Rollover accidents can be catastrophic and are one of the most serious types of accidents that can happen on the roads. The high risk that SUVs have for rollover accidents is so large because of the way that these vehicles are designed. An  SUV has a higher center of gravity and this is a result of its structure. SUVs are top-heavy and so if a turn is taken too quickly or there is some type of debris on the road that causes a shift in balance, it is very likely that a rollover accident will happen.

Rollover accidents in Las Vegas threaten the health and safety of the passengers that are in the automobile, but they can also pose a danger to any other pedestrian, motorcycle, or car that is near when the incident occurs. If you or a loved one was injured in a Las Vegas rollover accident, the chances that you sustained devastating injuries is high. To recoup the costs that come with the aftermath of such an event, you will need to file a Las Vegas personal injury claim and there is no better firm to advocate on your behalf than the Aaron Law Group. Matthew Aaron is a Las Vegas personal injury attorney that knows how to fight challenging legal battles and obtain the highest dollar amounts in settlements for his clients.

How Prevalent are Las Vegas Rollover Accidents?

SUVs Pose High-Risk of Rollover Accidents in Las VegasCompared to standard passenger vehicles that have as high as a 4% risk of rolling over, an SUV is 12% more likely to be involved in one of these incidents. This means that  SUVs are three times more likely to roll over than passenger vehicles. The aftermath of the majority of rollover accidents is severe physical bodily harm and death. Even when set against other large vehicles, SUVs still have the highest probability of a rollover event occurring. The following shows the potential of a rollover accident for a variety of vehicle types:

  • Passenger vehicles have a 3-4% chance of a rollover accident.
  • Vans have a 4% chance of a rollover accident.
  • Pickup trucks have a 7% chance of a rollover accident.
  • SUVs have a 12% chance of a rollover accident.

Even Pickup trucks don’t come close to the dangers of a rollover accident in Nevada the way that SUVs do. Of all of the accidents that take place annually, rollovers make up only 3% of them. According to statistics though, rollovers are responsible for 30% of all the deaths that come from fatal car accidents.

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Las Vegas car accidents can lead to long-term trauma and suffering for victims. The Nevada personal injury attorney at the Aaron Law Group will work for you and represent your best interest. The attorney at the Aaron Law Group will help you get the appropriate medical treatment for the harm you suffered while also fighting for the proper amount of financial compensation for your damages. Schedule your free consultation with the Las Vegas car accident attorney today at (702) 550-1111.

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