How Can a Bankruptcy Lawyer Help Me?

How Can a Bankruptcy Lawyer Help Me?

A bankruptcy lawyer works with clients who are struggling with heavy debts and bankruptcy. Some people are able to go through the process of bankruptcy on their own, but not everyone feels ready to do this. Overcoming financial struggles is not always easy and many people may find advantages to hiring a bankruptcy lawyer. Knowing what a Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney can and cannot do for you will help you decide whether you need a lawyer during your financial crisis. 

Deciding to Hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer 

The decision to hire a bankruptcy lawyer is no small task. You have to consider the costs and benefits of hiring a lawyer. You may consider costs to be lawyer fees and other legal expenses. Any benefits may be relatively unknown at first if you have not looked deeply into what bankruptcy lawyers can do.

One immediate benefit of hiring a bankruptcy lawyer is you will have some of the weight lifted off your shoulders. Not only will you have someone who can answer most of your questions about How Can a Bankruptcy Lawyer Help Me?bankruptcy, but you will have a professional who will dedicate their time and effort to your financial situation. Bankruptcy lawyers are trained in bankruptcy law, how to take your case to court, steps to take during the bankruptcy process, and ways to decrease debt.

Other benefits may not be so clear. There is no way to know that the bankruptcy lawyer or any lawyer you hire will be able to help you escape the financial consequences you find yourself in. This is simply because the future is often difficult to predict. However, a lawyer with years of experience might be able to estimate your chances of success based on previous cases they have worked on that are similar to yours.

Seeking Discharge During Bankruptcy

Your bankruptcy lawyer might be able to help you seek discharge during bankruptcy to avoid paying certain debts. Bankruptcy discharge means a legal decision has been made to free you from paying off a debt you owe. This legal action is a permanent order that prevents your creditors from holding you liable for not paying the debt you owe them.

This only happens under certain circumstances. You will usually receive an automatic discharge unless objections have been raised against you by the creditor. The debts you no longer have to pay vary and depend on the nature of the debts owed, like whether the debts involved drunk driving. A discharge may happen at different times depending on whether you have a chapter 7, 11, 12, or 13 case. Talk with a lawyer to find out more.

Contact a Las Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyer 

When you are struggling with massive debt and bankruptcy, you may find yourself feeling like there is no way out. This is when one of our Nevada bankruptcy attorneys might be able to help you. We are prepared to defend your rights and collect the evidence you need for a strong case. You can contact the Aaron Law Group at (702) 550-1111 for a free consultation today. Our law firm is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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