Common Risks Associated with Parking Lot Accidents

Common Risks Associated with Parking Lot Accidents

Common Risks Associated with Parking Lot Accidents

Parking lots in Nevada can be surprisingly dangerous and unpredictable, presenting many unique risks unlike any other stretch of roadway. Due to the low speeds of most drivers, parking lot accidents are rarely fatal, yet they can inflict many accident-related injuries and a host of severe financial damages. These types of crashes should never be overlooked or downplayed, so make sure to familiarize yourself with how to avoid the risks that parking lots present.

Distracted Drivers

Many motorists treat parking lots like the driveways in front of their home, tuning out at the home stretch. Drivers in parking lots are often distracted by mundane tasks such as rolling up their windows, searching for a parking spot, turning off GPS devices, or otherwise jumping the gun on post-drive wrap-up, meaning that they may be too slow to notice pedestrians and other drivers.

Distracted driving car accidents in Nevada are extremely common, yet are also easily avoidable. By remaining vigilant and only using devices after the vehicle has stopped, motorists can avoid being liable for an injurious accident with little to no loss of time in their schedule.

Pedestrian Accidents

Las Vegas pedestrian accidents don’t frequently happen at intersections. Instead, it’s far more common for pedestrians to be hurt at night, or, as you may have guessed, while they walk through a parking lot. Pedestrians can dart out from between vehicles at random, meaning that even with the slow speeds that vehicles travel at, drivers may have barely any time at all to react and come to a stop. This, combined with common confusion over the right of way in a parking lot, often leads to vehicles striking and injuring pedestrians in one way or another. If you’re one such pedestrian, it’s vital that you seek out medical attention immediately, to ensure that you aren’t subtly injured.


Anyone who’s struck an unattended vehicle likely can relate to the moment of inevitable panic you feel afterward, debating whether or not you should make a big deal about it or just keep driving. However, it’s vital that you try to locate the owner and inform them of the damage, or else you could be prosecuted for committing a hit-and-run accident. Mississippi’s hit and run laws (§63-3-401 through §63-3-407) dictate that, after striking an unattended vehicle/ piece of property, you must:

  • Try to locate the owner, and exchange your names, addresses, and vehicle registration numbers after telling them that you struck their car.
  • Leave a note in a conspicuous location in or on the car, if you can’t find the owner. The note should include your contact information and a short summary of the crash.

Let Nevada Parking Lot Accident Attorneys Help

If you’ve been involved in a parking lot auto accident in Nevada, it’s vital that you talk to a car accident attorney in Nevada as quickly as possible. Failing to do so could jeopardize your claim, so be sure to give Aaron Law Group a call today at(702) 550-1111 to schedule your free consultation. Our legal professionals are intimately familiar with the claims process and the many unique considerations that car and pedestrian accidents bring, so we can make matters simple and give you time to focus on your personal affairs.

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