Can You Obtain Compensation after Being Hit by an E-Scooter in Las Vegas?

Can You Obtain Compensation after Being Hit by an E-Scooter in Las Vegas?

Electric scooters are popping up all over major cities and even in some towns. These zippy little scooters are easy and convenient as you can find them almost anywhere in a city that allows them, and once you get one going to your destination, you can just leave your scooter and it will be picked up for you. However, with the rise of electronic scooters, an increase in pedestrian accidents has also been seen.

Anyone can get on a scooter whether they are comfortable with operating it or not. If you have ever walked down the street in Las Vegas, for instance, you can see people who clearly have a good handle on riding their e-scooter next to wobbly folks who look like they are going to hurt themselves on it. But what happens if one of these scooters hits you while you are out and about and causes injuries?

What are Your Rights After Being Hit by an E-Scooter in Las Vegas?

Can You Obtain Compensation after Being Hit by an E-Scooter in Las VegasIt is very likely that if you were hit by a person driving an e-scooter in Las Vegas, you will have a solid case for filing a Nevada pedestrian injury claim against the rider. This is because proving negligence and showing fault tends to be a bit more clear-cut, in most cases, with an e-scooter rider versus a pedestrian than in other injury accident events.

While you can file a claim, getting the full amount of compensation that you need may be where the challenge comes in. Since many e-scooter riders do not carry insurance or do not have policies that are set up to cover e-scooter accidents, suing the rider personally may seem like the right alternative option. This may be possible. However, if the rider does not have the wealth or assets to cover costs, it is unlikely that putting the time and effort into a suit against them will be fruitful or even worth it at all. Since it is estimated that 90% of scooter riders do not have insurance coverage for e-scooter accidents, holding them accountable may be a dead end.

If you are not going to get much from the rider, you may be able to secure compensation from uninsured motorist coverage if you have it. Because this is not mandatory coverage, you may be one of the many people that have chosen not to purchase it. Plus, even with UM coverage, if your policy does not include e-scooter accidents, this too may not pan out.

The e-scooter company themselves certainly has insurance coverage but that does not mean you will have an easy time accessing it for your damages. The contracts that these companies make riders sign could make it impossible to have them held financially liable for a crash one of their riders causes. Many victims of e-scooter accidents have looked to other ways of holding these companies accountable through civil suits but there have not been many favorable outcomes, so far, with these suits either.

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It is best to keep a keen eye out if you are a pedestrian in Las Vegas while e-scooters are flying around to keep yourself safe. 

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