Breaking Down How Car and Truck Accidents Are Different

Breaking Down How Car and Truck Accidents Are Different

Any type of car accident can be devastating and have negative permanent life implications or death. There is an almost unlimited list of car accidents that have been cataclysmic, likewise for trucks. However, there are significant differences between when car accidents where trucks are not involved and those where they are. 

Considering that driver error is responsible for as high as 99% of all traffic accidents if you were harmed in a car or truck accident in Las Vegas, you can connect with the Las Vegas commercial bus and truck accident attorney for support with filing a personal injury claim.

Car Accidents Versus Truck Accidents

Breaking Down How Car and Truck Accidents Are DifferentTraffic accidents can result in substantial injuries that could cause permanent disabilities or they can result in lost lives. When it comes to breaking down car and truck accidents the following illustrate clear differences between the two.

How the Accident Happens

It takes specialized training to operate a big rig and these large vehicles are much more complicated for the driver than passenger sedans. As such if a driver does not have sufficient training and experience, they could easily make mistakes while behind the wheel that can cause an accident. Then there is also how the trailer is loaded. An improperly loaded trailer can cause the truck to be off-balance and lead to the driver losing control. Trucks that are not maintained can malfunction and cause a crash.

Adding to all of these variables are the driver mistakes while driving that can lead to an accident taking place. It can be much more complicated figuring out exactly why a truck crashes and in doing so, it can also be more challenging to figure out how many parties are liable for paying victims for their damages. In large commercial truck accidents, there can be several parties to blame, and determining who these parties are can be related to what caused the crash.

The Aftermath of a Crash

Car accidents can have cataclysmic results, but most often, when a large truck is involved in a crash, the outcome is catastrophic. Large trucks can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds and be almost 50 feet in length. The size of a commercial truck is considerable when compared to passenger sedans that at most, could be up to 5,000 pounds in weight and just under 15 feet long.


As mentioned earlier, there can be several parties that are liable for a large commercial truck accident happening. While the truck driver can be held accountable, the trucking company and the company that loaded the truck could all be partly responsible for a crash happening.

Complexity of Litigation

Large trucking companies tend to have aggressive teams of attorneys representing their interests to protect them from liability. Also, there are specific guidelines as set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that dictate what rules are in place for truck drivers. If these have not been followed, the truck driver and their company can be held liable. 

Your Las Vegas personal injury attorney at the Aaron Law Group understands how to investigate truck accidents and has extensive experience with such intricate claims.

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